Week #1

June 20, 2019 - Welcome!

Day #1 Class Presentation

Why is it like that? Photographs

How Science Works handout

Experimental Design Homework handout

June 21, 2019 - Summer Solstice

Day #2 Class Presentation

Get Ahead Biology - Syllabus - Bring Signature on Monday

Inferring handout (bird beaks and claws)

Week #2

Monday, June 24

Normal Yeast Respiration (Control)


  1. Put Tier 3 words into Glossary with definition and symbol

  2. Complete Data Tables and Graphs for Control of Yeast Respiration Experiment

  3. Understand Experimental Design of Biotoxicity

  4. Reading in Textbook

  • Pages 32 (#26,28,29,30,31 and Performance Assessment)

  • Page 33 (#1,2,5 and 6)

Tuesday, June 25

Class Presentation

Conduct Experiment with Silver Contaminant

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Cellular Respiration Gizmo handout with partner (each partner turns in their own packet)

Wednesday, June 26

Class Presentation

Complete Cellular Respiration Gimzo with partner, each partner takes Assessment and turns in own packet

Experimental Design Checklist

Average Change and Cumulative Data Table and Post Lab Questions

Class presentation

Making Things Smaller (Use with #12 of Post Lab Questions - Start at 40:00)

Thursday, June 27

Review Question 8 & 13 of Biotoxicity Experiment

Turn in Biotoxicity Experiment Packet (6 pages for most, 7 pages for some)

Cellular Respiration Video Transcript

Textbook page 225, Questions #1 - #6

Using Range and Habitat to Track Evidence - Fungi

The most expensive fungi

Friday, June 28

Class Presentation

Week #3

Monday, July 1

Carbon Cycle Quizlet for quiz tomorrow (15 questions, 17 points)

Video about Carbon Cycle processes

Carbon Cycle gizmo handout (You should have completed Activity A & B) today

Life and Times of Carbon Student Workbook

Tuesday, July 2

Activity C - Carbon Cycle - Turn in

Take Carbon Cycle Assessment below gizmo

Carbon Cycle Quiz

Ocean Acidification Reading

Complete Acidic Oceans handout

Coral Reefs video and handout

Blue Planet video: Green Seas (Prequel)

Wednesday, July 3

Class Presentation

Food Chain - Gizmo handout

Take Food Chain Gizmo Assessment

Complete pages 1 - 17 (not 10 &11) of “The Life and Times of Carbon”

Practice Carbon Cycle Test - ACCESS CODE: CARBON

Thursday, July 4 - NO SCHOOL

Friday, July 5

Understanding Ocean Acidification (pH gizmo and assessment)

Before the Flood

Carbon Cycle Test (37 questions/ 38 points)

***FOR THOMAS (and others who would like to know what is new on the Midterm) Use this link. The password is PRACTICE. You do NOT need complete the survey.***

Week #4

Monday, July 8

Some Animals are More Equal Than Others handout

Making of North America - Origin

Food Chain Activity

Biome Coloring

You have a quiz on the following words

Tuesday, July 9

  1. Update Notebook with titles and vocabulary

  2. Turn in coloring of North America Biomes

  3. Biomes of the world

  4. Food Chains, Food Webs, and an Introduction to Biodiversity

  5. Biome Internet Exploration

  6. Food Web Activity with Questions

  7. Try the Practice Test. The Access Code is PRACTICE. The Key is on the last pages If the link does not work, then type in”http://assessment.aaas.org/test/zzayie”. Email me if you have issues: mobrien@smmusd.org

  8. 20 points - Ecology Quiz

  9. Review all of your notes for the Midterm tomorrow

Tomorrow (7/10) Turn in:

  1. Ecology notes and Food Chain gizmo

  2. Completed Biome Internet Exploration

  3. Colored Biome & Questions

  4. Ecology Food Web project with questions

Wednesday, July 10

California Ecological Communities Project Instructions passed out

Midterm (50 points) today - If you are failing after this midterm, you will need to consider if this Get Ahead Biology class is a good fit for you

Making North America: Life

Turned in:

  1. Ecology notes and Food Chain gizmo

  2. Completed Biome Internet Exploration

  3. Colored Biome & Questions

  4. Ecology Food Web project with questions

Thursday, July 11

  1. Bioregions of California Overview

  2. Study for your Vocabulary Quiz tomorrow (Use Quizlet)

  3. Homework - Earth’s Layers: Web Exploration and Continental Drift Activity Packet


Friday, July 12

  • Complete Making North America: Life

  • Quiz (15 points)

  • Work on California Bioregion Poster Project

  • Begin Organelle Presentation

  • Homework: Print out pictures for your bioregion and bring in a seed soaked in water

Week #5

Monday, July 15

Work on California Bioregion Poster (due tomorrow after 30 min in class

Organelle Presentations and Notes


A - Show evidence of reading and understanding for

B - Organelle Quiz tomorrow

Tuesday, July 16

Quiz moved to Wednesday (includes osmosis - USE VIDEOS ON GOOGLE CLASSROOM)

Check plants & Turn in Homework

  1. The History of Life: Chapter 17, Section 1 - 3 AND

  2. Plant Diversity: Chapter 22, Section 1- 3

California Bioregion Poster due tomorrow

Animated Life of A. R. Wallace

The Origin of Species video and handout


  1. Change from distilled water to salt/ salt to distilled

  2. Calculate the percentage difference

  3. Notes on Osmosis - How it Works and Osmotic Pressure (WATCH VIDEOS ON GOOGLE CLASSROOM)

7/16/19 Homework: Choose two sections from the textbook. Show evidence of reading and understanding.

Wednesday, July 17

Quiz Today (23 points) ACCESS CODE: YOUARECELLS

  • 14 questions; 23 points

  • T/F, Matching and Multiple-Choice

The Making of the Fittest: Natural Selection and Adaptation (Rock Pocket Mouse) video


  1. Complete “Color Variation Over Time in Rocket Pocket Mouse Populations” handout

  2. Turn in Final draft of Summary from #9 on handout above

  3. Complete “Developing an Explanation for Mouse Fur Color” PDF on Google Classroom

  4. Turn into Google classroom

  5. Use Data Sets from “Additional Evidence for an Explanation” handout

  6. Check out the International Space Station (ISS) TONIGHT

    When: Wed Jul 17 (TONIGHT)

    Time:  8:56 PM

    Visible: 6 min

    Max Height: 70°

    Appears: 11° above SW

    Disappears: 10° above NE

Thursday, July 18

  1. Rock Mouse ‘Practice Quiz’ handout


  3. Update Notebook - Put papers where they make sense

  4. Key for Natural Selection in Humans

  5. Inheritance Review Gizmo handout (Punnet square, allele, dominant,codominant, recessive, mutation, homozygous, heterozygous, genotype, phenotype)

  6. Take Gizmo Assessment

  7. The Making of the Fittest: Natural Selection in Humans (Sickle cell anemia)

  8. Biointeractive - Great Transitions Interactive website [Friday’s homework]

  9. Homework:

    *Any work not completed in class today

    *Complete Inheritance gizmo

    *Study for Open Note Test Tomorrow (Use Inheritance gizmo and all three Natural Selection (Darwin, Rock Pocket Mouse and Malaria) video handouts

Friday, July 19

Natural Selection Test (50 points)

  • 33 questions (Multiple-Choice,Matching, True/False)

  • 51 points

Add vocabulary from Inheritance gizmo to your glossary

Exploration Stations: Extra Special Water, Fossils & Plants and Fungi

50th Anniversary of Moon Landing Exploration & Celebration

Homework: Great Transitions Interactive Link and Great Transitions handout

NOTE: Take plants home (Put outside in a bright area. Flowers need to be pollinated.)

Week #6

Monday, July 22

The Biology of Skin Color

Microscopes - Your cells, plants cells and other organisms

Polymers & Biopolymers

Final Notebook Check

No more late work accepted after today

Tuesday, July 23


Specialized cells (heart and lung)

Circulatory and Respiratory System gizmo

Return Books to library

Final Notebook Check

Quiz (20 points)

Wednesday, July 24 - Last Day of Get Ahead Biology Summer School

Biology Final (80 points) TODAY

Part 1 - Design and conduct a controlled experiment in class - 20 points

Part 2 - Natural Selection, Ecosystems, Basic Genetics, Cell basics, Biopolymers, Water, - 40 points

Blue Planet