Monday, October 15

  1. Complete ‘Step1 - Identify’ of the I Squared strategy for five slides

  2. Instructions and handouts are in Google classroom

  3. ‘Make a Copy’ if you cannot edit a file

Tuesday, October 16

  1. Complete ‘Step 2 - Interpret’ of the I Squared strategy for five slides

  2. Instructions and handouts are in Google classroom

  3. ‘Make a Copy’ if you cannot edit a file

  4. Wednesday, October 17

    Make sure everyone at your table has a copy of the peat pods

Thursday, October 18

Make sure all your work is turned in.

Friday, October 19 - Classwork is listed below in case you do not complete in class. Be sure to submit to the Google classroom assignment.

  • Make a graph comparing the control group and experimental/ treatment group bubble solutions.

  • There should be 9 different sets of data because all 9 tables do not know what type of solution they used.

  • Include labels for each axes in your data.


Monday, October 8

  1. Complete Latin #4 Picture Glossary

  2. Complete page 2 of ‘Understanding Experimental Design”

Tuesday, October 9

Page 3 & 4 of Einstein’s Big Idea. If you were absent, here is the handout and the video link

Wednesday, October 10


Thursday, October 11

Study for Latin #4 tomorrow. The quiz will be 20 matching questions.

Friday, October 12



Monday, October 1

Put Latin #3 into Picture Glossary of ISN

Be sure your signed up for your Google classroom - Email Mrs. O’Brien for code if you need it.

Tuesday, October 2

Complete page 1 of “Understanding Experimental Design”

Wednesday, October 3

Class work

Thursday, October 4

  1. Class work

  2. Nature Bridge Money due tomorrow to HB teacher

Friday, October 5



Monday, September 24

  1. Pictures for ISN

  2. Latin #3

Tuesday, September 25

  1. Pictures for ISN

  2. Latin #3

Wednesday, September 26

  1. Complete back ISN cover

  2. Bring to school tomorrow

Thursday, September 27

  1. ISN cover due tomorrow

  2. Study for Latin #3 quiz tomorrow

Friday, September 28

You should have turned your ISN Cover TODAY



Monday, September 17

  1. Turn in Community Service parent signature slip in Homebase

  2. Complete classwork

Tuesday, September 18

  1. None

  2. Complete classwork

Wednesday, September 19

  1. Local Holiday

  2. No School

Thursday, September 20

  1. Nature Bridge parent signature due tomorrow in Homebase

  2. Complete classwork

Friday, September 21 



Monday, September 10 - Local holiday

  • No School

Tuesday, September 11

  •  Complete Latin #2 Picture Glossary by providing definition and graphic

Wednesday, September 12

  • Use Quizlet to study for Latin #2 quiz on Friday.  Quiz covers Latin #1 & #2.

Thursday, September 13 - Mini Day (Back-to-School Night 6:30 p.m. for Per. 1)

  • Use Quizlet to study for  Latin #2 quiz tomorrow. Quiz covers Latin #1 & #2.

Friday, September 14



Tuesday, September 4

  1. Rewrite skit to model how your scenario should have done. Find your script here.  Role descriptions and questions here.

  2. Be sure you glued in Latin Unit #1 into your Picture Glossary

Wednesday, September 5

Complete matching the Lab Expectations with each of the Safety Rules on the Lab Safety Contract on page 20 of the Binder Reminder (You will receive a copy in class, so you can include it in your ISN).

Thursday, September 6

Take Laboratory Safety Practice Quiz below to prepare for 15 question/point quiz tomorrow.  I recommend that you use the flashcard mode because some of the questions are confusing in the testing mode.  Please let me know if you have questions.

Friday, September 7



Monday, August 27

Tuesday, August 28

Wednesday, August 29

  • Science & Me handout  - This work should demonstrate thoughtfulness and care

  • NOTE: Bring Picture money tomorrow or order online at

Thursday, August 30

  • Science & Me handout - This work should demonstrate thoughtfulness and care

  • STUDY for the Latin Unit #1 Quiz tomorrow

  • NOTE:Picture Day (PE class - or can order online @

Friday, August 31


NOTE: See you on Tuesday, September 4th.  Have a safe and restful Labor Day.

NOTE: Back to School Picnic (4 p.m. - 6 p.m.)