Monday, May 20

Complete Water Filtration Data Analysis Sheet Questions #1- #7

Tuesday, May 21

  1. Use the Quizlet to study for the Quiz tomorrow - 22 points

  2. Review the Water Filtration presentation on Google Classroom

  3. Test Format

Complete Question #8 - Water Filtration Data Analysis Sheet (Period 5 & 6 due on Tuesday)

Thursday, May 23 - Fun Run (Periods 5 & 6)


Friday, May 24 - Magic Mountain!

  • Meet Homebase in Period 1 class

  • None


Monday, May 13

  1. Take Cornell Notes on pages 58-61

  2. Answer questions 1a, 1b, 1c on page 67

  3. Draw, color and LABEL Figure 10 on page 66-67


Tuesday, May 14

Same as Monday

Wednesday, May 15

Work on

50,000 due on May 31st

Thursday, May 16


Friday, May 17


Monday, May 6 - Last Day for Late Work.

Read pages 195-197

  1. Answer questions 3a, 3b and 3c on page 197

Tuesday, May 7

Use the Quizlet for Self-Assembly Quiz tomorrow - 10 points

Wednesday, May 8

Construct Data Table for experiment that tests four contaminants and three filters

Thursday, May 9

Complete lab questions

Friday, May 10



Monday, April 29


Tuesday, April 30

Latin #11 & #12

Wednesday, May 1

  1. Latin #11 & #12 Tomorrow

  2. Give two reasons why water is extra special. Record on the back of your Polarity notes from yesterday.

Thursday, May 2

Complete lab questions/ prompts

  1. Explain why the floating magnets activity is a good model for self assembly.

  2. Explain one weakness of the floating magnets activity as a model for self-assembly.

  3. Draw a “self-assembly'“ logo. Explain why the logo you drew is a good logo for self-assembly.

Friday, May 3

  1. None, if you have all of your work turned in.


  3. Turn in any late work on Monday. No late, late assignments taken will be taken afterwards.


Monday, April 22

STRAWS film assembly

Tuesday, April 23


Wednesday, April 24

  1. Research on Human Impact Presentations - Due Friday, April 26th

  2. Use slides to research using search operators and to complete assignment in Google classroom

Thursday, April 25

  1. Complete research on Human Impact Presentations

  2. Turn in assignment to Google classroom. *This is the last assignment for grading period 5.

Friday, April 26


Monday, April 1

Study for Bonding Quiz tomorrow - 20 points

Tuesday, April 2

  1. Prepare for your Community Service Presentation.

  2. Practice your speech at least three times.

  3. Go to bed early tonight. (No electronic devices after 9 p.m.)

Wednesday, April 3 - CS Day

  1. None

  2. Thank you for the difference your made in our community.

Thursday, April 4


Friday, April 5

  • Have a good rest during Spring Break

  • See you Monday, April 22


Monday, 3/25


Tuesday, 3/26

Periodic Table March Madness brackets (You need to show work to get credit)

Wednesday 3/27


Thursday 3/28

  1. Classwork 03/28/19

  • Obtain a copy of ChemMatters  (December 2017/ January 2018 issue)

      Read pages 11 – 12 about Battery Anatomy

    Read page 19 “As a Matter of Fact” infographic

  • Obtain a science textbook

    Title a lined sheet of paper, “Bonding in Metals”

    Read all of the pictures on pages 198-203

    Take notes on the physical & chemical properties of metals (pages 198-203)

    Answer questions #1 - #3 on page 203 in complete sentences.

2. Extra Credit due tomorrow

Friday 3/29



Monday 3/18 - Friday 3/22

No homework assigned this week.

Extra Credit Part 1 & 2 due Friday, March 29th

Extra Credit Part 3 due Friday, March 29th


Monday, March 11

On one side of the valence electrons model, draw and explain how ionic bond form. Give two examples. Use pages 184-189.

Tuesday, March 12

On the back of valence electrons model, draw and explain how covalent bonds form. Give two examples. Use pages 192-197

Wednesday, March 13

  1. Do the Bonding Quizlet at least two times

  2. Bring questions you have about the Quizlet

Thursday, March 14

  1. Study for the Quiz tomorrow

  2. Key for handout pages 26, 32, 33

  3. Watch the videos in Google classroom

  4. Bring Questions

Friday, March 15



Monday, March 4


Tuesday, March 5

19A - Draw pictures showing how Percy Julian felt at the end of his life about his career and life experiences.

Wednesday, March 6

19A - Draw pictures showing how Percy Julian felt at the end of his life about his career and life experiences.

Thursday, March 7

Latin #10 quiz tomorrow

Friday, March 8



Monday, February 25

Complete classwork from 02/22/19

Chapter 5 – Atoms and Bonding

  1. Look at the pictures and read the captions on pages 176-179 and 182.

  2. Use the back of The Periodic Table to take notes on page 176 – 179 and 182.

  3. Color in the column for the Inert Gases, Halogens and Alkali Metals.

  4. Also, color in any element square mentioned in the reading, figure or caption.         

NOTE:  You may not use Figure 3 on page 178 because it is a periodic table.

Chapter 8 – Carbon Chemistry

  1. Draw all of Figure 2 on page 293 on your notes page. 

  2. Read all the pictures and captions from pages 292-304.

  3. DO NOT take notes on pages 292-304, just read the pictures and the captions.

Tuesday, February 26

  1. Complete Assign #21

  2. Visit each of the contest links above

Wednesday, February 27

  1. Write down the product name for 25 products that contain soy bean oil

  2. Record the chemical formula and chemical structure of soy oil

  3. Complete Assign #22

Thursday, February 28

Use the Quizlet for Periodic Table Quiz tomorrow (20 points)

  1. Be sure to know the difference between a group and a period.

  2. Be sure to know the location of the electron, proton and neutron.

  3. Be sure you know how to figure out the number of protons, electrons and neutrons for any element on the Periodic Table.

Friday, March 1

None assigned


Monday, February 18th - No School President's Day

Tuesday, February 19th

Complete 15A with a sport and the 3rd Law clearly explained

Wednesday, February 20th

Complete Practice Laws of Motion quiz on

Thursday, February 21st

Complete Practice Laws of Motion quiz on

Friday, February 22nd - End of grading period

None assigned


Monday, February 11

Step 1 and Begin Step 2

Tuesday, February 12

Latin #9 Picture Glossary

Wednesday, February 13

CHANGED - Up to the graph on your slide with a, “I see . . .” statement and arrows indicating your observation

Thursday, February 14

  1. Latin #9 Quiz tomorrow

  2. Friction Quiz Data Analysis Project due tomorrow

Friday, February 15

None assigned


Monday, February 4

  1. ASCE Essay Contest application and essay due tomorrow

  2. Bring SAMOHI 9th Grade Class Request Form on FRIDAY

  3. Complete pages 10 -11 of Contact Forces packet

Tuesday, February 5

1.Bring SAMOHI 9th Grade Class Request Form on FRIDAY

2. Complete 13A - Choose a sport. Fill the entire page, color and explain how that sport shows the 1st Law of Motion.

NOTE: Use this video below about hockey to get the idea of how the three laws apply to other sports.

Wednesday, February 6

  1. Bring SAMOHI 9th Grade Class Request Form on FRIDAY

  2. Put Latin #8 into ISN

Thursday, February 7

  1. Force & Friction Quiz tomorrow [Just for fun - Video about friction welding]

  2. USE THE DISCOVERY EDUCATION PRACTICE QUIZ on your account to study. I have uploaded it twice, so you may take it twice for more practice.

  3. Bring SAMOHI 9th Grade Class Request Form due TOMORROW

Friday, February 8



Monday, January 28

“Friction” Board due to on Friday, Feb. 1

Tuesday, January 29

“Friction” Board due to on Friday, Feb. 1

Wednesday, January 30

  1. Study for Latin #8 Quiz tomorrow (includes Latin #7 too)

  2. Set the Quizlet to Multiple-Choice and Matching for a test

Thursday, January 31

“Friction” Board due to on Friday, Feb. 1

Friday, February 1

  1. None

  2. SamoHi Counselors in Science class


Monday, January 21 - Dr. Martin Luther King Holiday

Tuesday, January 22 - None

Wednesday, January 23

Show evidence of Friction reading (pages 380-383)

  • Title: Friction

  • Include a picture illustrating each type of friction

Thursday, January 24

  1. Study for Friction quiz tomorrow - 5 - 8 questions

  2. Extra Credit Opportunity - Watch the ‘Friction: Book Pages’ video on Take an image of you recreating the demonstration in the video clip. Be sure to clearly show the book and your face if you want credit. Submit image to Google classroom. Due Friday, January 25, 2019.

  3. Scenarios

    A - A moving soccer ball gets kicked.

    B - A rocket launches from Earth, leaves the atmosphere, and goes into space.

    C - As you are standing in a bus, it stops suddenly, then you keep moving forward.

    D - A comet in space continues to move without slowing down or speeding up.

    E - A large asteroid crashes into the moon.

    F - A small asteroid crashes into the moon.

Friday, January 25

  • No assigned homework

  • Mama Mia!


Monday, January 14

  • Complete Picture Glossary for Latin #7

  • Do not cut out until after the quiz

Tuesday, January 15

Wednesday, January 16T

To Be Determined

Thursday, January 17

Study for Latin #7 Quiz tomorrow

Friday, January 18



Monday, January 7 - Teacher Workday - No classes

Tuesday, January 8

  1. Define the word, ‘veracity’

  2. Palm Oil Assignment Corrections:

  • Part I.  From the video, Before the Flood, write down evidence of climate change.

  • Part II. Find 5 product ingredient labels that contain palm oil and 5 product ingredient labels that do not contain palm oil.  Attach the ingredients labels to a sheet of paper. Be sure to clearly indicate what product each ingredient label came from AND whether or not they have palm oil.  NOTE: Use of the word “palm’ in the ingredients is often a clue palm oil is used.  (Ex: palmitic acid)

Wednesday, January 9

  • Individually complete the prompt in silence.

  • Give yourself 7 minutes.

Thursday, January 10

  • Complete classwork

  • Chapter 10 - Forces pg. 374 - 377

    1. Understand Note-taking Method on page 372

    2. Look at pictures and read caption for pages 372 - 377 in textbook

    3. On paper, show evidence of reading and studying Section 1 (pgs. 374 - 377)

    4. Draw Figure 2 -  TXTBK pg. 375

    5. Draw Figure 3 - TXTBK pgs . 376-377

  • Study for Force quiz tomorrow.

    • Five (5) questions.

    • Five (5) points total.

Friday, January 11