Update on Mission 6

How big is the ISS?

For image below:  Upper graphic credit: NASA;  Lower screen shot credit: NBC

January 10, 2015 - Just as you Dare Mighty Things so does NASA and SpaceX

Read more about the SSEP Mission 6 launch and how failures lead the way for improvement

December 18, 2014 - What a Day at the Academy Awards:

1.  Congratulations to  Samuel Buckely-Bonanno, Shrayes Raman, Adam Chamas, and Charlie Gooding for being selected by the Step 2 Review committee to send an experiment to the International Space Station in Spring of 2015!

2.  Congratulation to the top Digital Historians!  What a treat to see you honored in front of your peers.


December 15, 2014 - Shuttle Endeavour at the California Science Center

So much fun!


Congratulations to all students who submitted a proposal! We know you worked hard and appreciate your efforts.

We had an assembly for all 8th graders to reveal the top three proposals.  The 8th graders were extremely supportive of each other and proud of the winners.  The top three proposals (in no particular order) are:

 Group 1

  • Topic - Paper Chromatography

  • Samuel Buckely-Bonanno, Shrayes Raman, Adam Chamas, and Charlie Gooding.

 Group 2

  • Topic - Reproduction of E. Coli in microgravity

  • Ben Capehart, Dylan McCann, Alex Weng, Oliver Mead, and Eric Ton

 Group 3

  • Topic - Degradation of teeth in Coca-Cola in microgravity

  • Hazel June Withers, Sheena Sandhu, Natalie Bay, and Jillian Axel

Space to Ground Video: Touchdown  11/14/14

Space to Ground Video: Supply Shipping: 10/31/14

*SSEP Proposal Guide - this has the details about the format of your proposal

* Silly Putty Experiment - Look at the format for Section I and II.  The format for the previous proposal was slightly different.

*Please check your grade in Illuminate for turning in your SSEP Proposal. 

*If you are a scientist or educator, please help us review the 2014 SSEP Proposals. The sign up is below:


*The Antares Rocket Explosion Took 1,254 Pounds of Student Science Experiments with it.   Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/lost-student-science-research-in-rocket-explosion-2014-10#ixzz3Hap0AkAf

*A hopeful message for SSEP Mission 6 teams all across the country

*NASA October 28th Launch Mishap

*On the ISS the week of October 24th


*Student Science Topics

*More current research on the ISS 

*Current Research about Bone Density on the ISS

*Mission 7 (That's Us!) link Info - Watch our countdown clock!

At a time when it should be the birthright of all students to an education 
that allows them to successfully enter the job markets of the 21st century…
At a time when America must inspire its next generation of scientists and engineers if 
we as a nation are to compete in the technology markets of the 21st century.

*Read our article in the Santa Monica Daily Press by clicking here.

The Jade and Onyx Core 8th Grade teachers and students will be working toward participation in the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP) .  

If you have already donated to the PTSA and the Vision for Student Success (VSS), please consider supporting this program by contacting Suzanne Webb (swebb@smmusd.org).  Our students thank you!